Seminar sessions

Day 1 – 19 September

Seminar theatre A

11:00 - 11:45 – Viability and project managing your development schemes

Andrew and Richard will share their experience with managing development projects from viability through to handover.
Speakers: Andrew Markham, New Business Director, SDS and Richard Harding, Development Finance Manager, Devon and Cornwall Housing 

13:00 - 13:45 – Using behavioural insights in housing

The session will explore the WM Housing and Canvas8 Behavioural Insights Partnership. Together with WM Housing, Canvas8, the UK’s leading behavioural insight practice, are running a research project to better understand the challenges facing their tenants, specifically those single and under 35, and identify a range of possible solutions to minimise risk - both to the tenants and WM Housing.

What is behavioural psychology?- Canvas8 and WM will explain with short examples and describe why it is relevant to housing. The session will summarise the findings of the research and provide insight for action. Providing tips on how to start a project like this, thinks to avoid, and strategies for engagement. 
Speakers: Katie Moore, Group Head of Performance, Risk and Intelligence, WM Housing Group, Ian Hill, Director of Governance, WM Housing Group, and Nick Morris, Founder and Strategy Director, Canvas8

14:00 - 14:45 – Digital and data driven internal audit: using data to focus on the right areas

As Orbit moves towards a digital delivery model, discover how the internal audit is adapting it’s approach to deliver data driven internal audit to improve customer satisfaction and ensure audit is focused on the right high impact areas.

We’ll share how through data analytics, you can ensure your internal audit team is only focused on the right things, enabling continuous auditing, managing emerging risks and maximising the increased onus on three lines of defence.
Speaker: Kevin Bruerton, Head of Audit, Orbit Group

15:00 - 15:45 – Monitor your housing stock to ensure smart asset management, tenant comfort and wellbeing

Repairs and maintenance within the social housing sector cost £1.7Bn per annum. Hear how you can remotely monitor your housing stock, providing you the key information to effectively manage and maintain it, whilst helping your tenants to live in a comfortable and healthy home.
Speaker: Brett Pritchett, Senior Applications Engineer, Secure Meters

Seminar theatre B

11:00 - 11:45 – Technology challenges and opportunities in housing

Cloud technologies and digital transformation are undoubtedly shaping the world around us. In the last few years, we have seen other industries radically disrupted by these trends. Social housing is not immune to this, but housing providers can successfully navigate this sea of changes by keeping a few things in mind and reap the benefits of technology innovation to deliver better outcomes and improve operations. The ultimate objective should be to transform IT from a rigid cost centre to an innovation centre that infuses agility to the business. In this session, we will discuss key challenges and opportunities, including Cloud, Security, Big Data, Internet of Things, AI and Bots.  
Speakers: Marco Amoedo, CTO, PowerObjects
Paul Rogers, Director of Microsoft Solutions, PowerObjects

14:00 - 14:45 – A matter of minutes (sponsored by Azeus Convene)

Recent events have pushed organisations from all parts of the housing sector to look again at the reasons for decisions taken; from board minutes concerning governance and strategy to business minutes for financial and operational decisions. If those minutes do not prove an uncomfortable read, it is important that they follow the 'Ten Minute Essentials'. Find out more from Joanna Gutmann, a specialist trainer in minute-taking working across the housing, local government, education, and health sectors; she is the author of the Kogan Page Book, Taking Minutes of Meetings.
Speaker: Joanna Gutmann, trainer

15:00 - 15:45 – Getting the private rented sector to work for housing associations

Cheyne's social property impact fund is working with housing associations to develop affordable housing to benefit a range of groups who can't access housing. Hear Cheyne and South Yorkshire Housing Association talk about the development they’re undertaking in Sheffield and how Cheyne's innovative lease model will provide 225 new homes, a third of which will be let at sub-market rents without any grant assistance.
Speakers: Darren Carter, Investment Manager, Social Property, Cheyne Capital Management (UK)  
Tony Stacey, Chief Executive, South Yorkshire Housing Association

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Day 2 – 20 September

Seminar theatre A – HACT House Party

09:00 – Welcome – let’s get the party started!

Join us to get the Tea Party started. We’ll outline the day, introduce ourselves, and launch the Treasure Hunt (yes, there is real treasure buried right here in the Housing Exhibition).

09:15 – In the Kitchen with Health and Wellbeing

All good Tea Parties need cake, as well as plenty of tea. Start the morning off exploring how housing associations support the health and wellbeing of their tenants and communities, all through the medium of cupcake decorating. Our very own Dr Housing MD (that’s HACT’s CEO Andrew van Doorn), will guide the conversation and we guarantee that it will be colourful, sticky, creative and result in some wonderful cakes to share throughout the day.

10:15 – Tech and Tea Time

Tech innovation is everywhere, in our homes, on our streets, in our businesses and in our pockets! We have assembled some of the most forward thinking technologies at the leading edge of innovation. There will be kit to play with, live demos and a chance to meet those behind the inventions:

  • Cube9Design – a chance to become a jetpack surveyor
  • Alcove – let Alexa be your new support worker
  • Ally Chatbo t – 24/7 support for young homeless people
  • PiLON – putting tenants in charge of repairs

11:15 – The Resurrection Indoors

Sometimes we don’t always use all our indoor space well. When buildings remain empty they are a cost to our communities and our business. But there are some great ideas out there about how we bring this space back into use:

  • Dot Dot Dot – property guardians that use space to invest in place
  • Self-Help Housing – revolution in community led housing that anyone can do
  • Space Group – a space to share, discover, collaborate, think big and evolve
  • People’s Property Shop – putting Housing First in the private rented sector

12:00 – The Resurrection Outdoors

Not everything happens indoors and some of the best innovation happens right on our doorsteps. We now turn our attention to see how we make the best use of outdoor space:

  • Project Dirt – a national network of communities working outside
  • Grapevine – helping vulnerable people to grow their lives

12:45 – The Big Lunch and Soap Boxing

Join us for the great Tea Party Big Lunch. Bring your own lunch and relax and connect with each other. Explore new ideas, share your passions and work with others to solve those sticky problems. The only picnic at Annual Conference that promises to inspire and engage. Join the Young Foundation and see how you can get involved in Reimagining Rent , their new innovation programme looking to shake up the Private Rented Sector. And you can share your passions too, or simply get something off your chest, jump on that soap box and you're off! A chance to address an audience without having to write a Powerpoint – now what could be better than that?

13:45 – Sports Day

Probably the smallest sports day in the world. Brought to you by those brilliant people at StreetGames! Try out their doorstep sports programme and see what’s in their magic sports bag. Maybe a game of table top tennis or two – no trainers or jogging bottoms required.

14:30 – Get Up and Get Active

Across the country we are being encouraged to get active. Be it 10,000 steps or 30 minutes of exercise a day, Sport England is raising the bar and investing in the most disadvantaged communities to improve our health and wellbeing. Housing associations are readying themselves to be part of the activity revolution:

  • StreetGames – bring activity to your doorstep
  • Oomph Wellness – getting active in sheltered housing
  • Charlton Athletic Community Trust – fancy a One Goal Holiday Camp?
  • Tennis Foundation – anyone for tennis? You find a space, they’ll make it happen.

15:15 – Housing’s Future with Mystic Barry

Our very own Mystic Barry will gaze into his Crystal Ball and with the help of some friends, will explore what the future of housing will look like. Joining Barry will be:

  • Gavin Cansfiled – CEO North Hertfordshire Homes, Chair of HACT
  • Carole Clark (invited) – Strategic Research Manager, Bromford
  • Esther Foreman – CEO Social Change Agency

16:00 - Treasure Hunt – prizes, prizes, prizes

No Tea Party would be complete without a few prizes! Who has been the best treasure hunter of the day? Who found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? Some exciting prizes to take home, some edible, some fun, all much better than a can of peaches.

16:15 – Goodbye, farewell and see you next year! 

Time to finish up those cakes, put the china away and start preparing for next year. The HouseParty 2018 – even more great stuff over 2 days exploring the best in innovation and disruption – see you there.

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Seminar theatre B

10:30 - 11:15 – The telematics merry-go-round... how to ride for free

Utilising Telematics technology is a well-established method for transforming the performance of an organisations mobile workforce and in the last 5 years it’s use in social housing has grown significantly. Benefits of telematics range from direct cost savings on fuel and maintenance, improving driving safety and increasing overall organisational efficiency and productivity through transparency. However organisations often find that the benefits they actually experience fall short of their expectations.  Leading provider of telematics solutions, TomTom Telematics present an overview of how to successfully implement telematics to achieve business transformation, including a number of sector specific examples.
Speaker: Vernon Bonser, Corporate Sales Manager, TomTom Telematics

11:30 - 12:15 – Invest in customer service to build a better business

We reveal the critical role of customer service in improving business results in housing. We provide techniques and a powerful case study to show how your people can make the service difference.  
Speaker: Richard Harvey, Senior Consultant, Accelerator Solutions and Nina Maan, Training Consultant, Accelerator Solutions

12:30 - 13:15 – Offsite construction - a socially and economically sustainable solution? 

Offsite construction is a proven feature of millions of affordable new homes in the UK – it’s quick to build without compromising quality, hence creating faster asset values. 

Timber construction accounts for more than 25% of all dwellings in the UK. It is one of the most energy efficient methods of building homes, and can reduce energy bills by 90%. Advances in timber technology have resulted in its use for multi-storey buildings such as Brid­port House, a social housing scheme in Hackney, assembled in just 10 weeks. 

This session provides first-hand information on cost and efficiency of timber offsite solutions, design and build quality, technical standards and finance options. Participants will learn about building solutions for rural and urban settings and the potential for job creation.

Speakers: Christiane Lellig, Wood for Good, Stewart Dalgarno, Campaogn Director, Stewart Milne/Structural Timber Association and Oliver Booth, Partner, Gardiner & Theobald

13:30 - 14:15 – Getting the private rented sector to work for housing associations

Cheyne's social property impact fund is working with housing associations to develop affordable housing to benefit a range of groups who can't access housing. Hear Cheyne and South Yorkshire Housing Association talk about the development they’re undertaking in Sheffield and how Cheyne's innovative lease model will provide 225 new homes, a third of which will be let at sub-market rents without any grant assistance.

Speakers: Darren Carter, Investment Manager, Social Property, Cheyne Capital Management (UK) LLP and Tony Stacey, Chief Executive, South Yorkshire Housing Association

14:30 - 15:15 – District heat metering - be compliant and in control of your finances

Hear about smarter district heating solutions and how these can alleviate bad debt and reduce fuel poverty in a fair way to your tenants. Including an update on Government billing compliance.
Speaker: Paul Lee, National Sales Manager, Secure Meters

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