2017 Exhibitors

For information about exhibiting please contact Foremarke Exhibitions on 020 8877 8899 or housing@foremarke.uk.com

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  • Edge Analytics

    Stand 102

    Edge Analytics, based at the university of Leeds is a leading provider of data analytics services. The company provides predictive analytics with a particular specialism in demographic forecasting scenario planning. Edge Analytics’ services provide critical intelligence on the changing size, profile and distribution of the population and its impact upon the delivery of products and services such as schools, housing and water use.

    Contact details

    Address: 103 Clarendon Road, Leeds Innovation Centre

    Telephone: 01133 846 087

    Email: Edge Analytics

    Visit website

    Tagged with: Consultants

  • EndFurniturePoverty.Org

    Stand 72

    Furniture Poverty hides behind too many front doors. It is the single mother and child sharing a mattress on the floor; the family with no wardrobes or drawers so clothes are stored in black bags on the floor; the family where there is no table for children to eat from or do their homework. End Furniture Poverty raises awareness of the often hidden problems of Furniture Poverty, informs people across all types of housing about the potential solutions and champions large scale change to tackle Furniture Poverty on a national scale. Support us, get involved…together we can End Furniture Poverty.

    Contact details

    Address: 12-14 Atlantic Way, Brunswick Business Park L3 4BE

    Telephone: 01513 055 226

    Email: EndFurniturePoverty.Org

    Visit website

    Tagged with: Charities