2017 Exhibitors

For information about exhibiting please contact Foremarke Exhibitions on 020 8877 8899 or housing@foremarke.uk.com

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  • Accelerator Solutions

    Stand 79

    Accelerator helps your organisation achieve positive business results through customer service leadership. We have helped many housing providers build their customer service culture, combining a formal structure with a delivery approach that is bespoke according to your specific needs. Over the past 17 years, our training has not only helped to raise customer satisfaction across organisations but also delivered commercial benefit, achieving the type of efficiencies that can only come from a customer-focused organisation. We are friendly, flexible, and hands-on - working with you to make sure that our input has a direct and lasting impact on your business.

    Contact details

    Address: 6th Floor, Elizabeth House, 39 York Road, London SE1 7NQ

    Telephone: 0845 260 6886

    Email: Accelerator Solutions

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    Tagged with: Consultants,Education / Training,Research,Training

  • Active Housing

    Stand 41

    Active Housing is a web technology provider specialising in products and bespoke services for the housing sector, with a client base across England, Scotland and Wales. From channel shift consultancy, websites and bespoke software to self service portals and our flagship repair diagnostics product, our agile planning, delivery and integration team are well versed in addressing the challenges faced by social landlords and their customers. The specialist housing arm of Hallnet Ltd, a leading development agency for almost 20 years, we enable our clients to leverage the innovation and best practice knowledge gained across a broad range of sectors.

    Contact details

    Address: Lowton Business Park, Newton Road, Lowton, Warrington WA3 2AP

    Telephone: 01942 418 919

    Email: Active Housing

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    Tagged with: Computers / Software / IT

  • Appello

    Stand 50


    At Appello we partner with housing, health and care organisations to provide technology-enabled care and life safety services that help organisations to deliver better outcomes - ones that improve the lives of their customers, patients and residents. Smart Living Solutions’ are our suite of digital services that integrate both safety and wellbeing technologies into your customer’s homes. These solutions create a digital environment that enables audio and video communication, along with valuable data insights, to flow between client properties, individual’s homes, on-site and off-site support staff, the Appello Monitoring Centre and our insights platform AppelloIQ.

    Contact details

    Address: Wylie House, Unit 740, Ampress Lane, Lymington, Hampshire SO41 8LW

    Telephone: 01425 624 821

    Email: Appello

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    Tagged with: Access control,Communications,Data capture,Health and safety,Housing services for people with disabilities,Technical building services

  • Astwood

    Stand 36


    We are the trusted creative communications provider to the housing sector. Big on both digital productions and design for print. Based in Warwickshire, establisched over 28 years having a studio of 6 creatives! We have supplied branding, digital/animated productions, CGI’s, augmented reality, print, newsletters, annual reports, handbooks/leaflets, websites, exhibitions, merchandise, signage and much much more!

    Contact details

    Address: Astwood House, 67 High St, Bidford on Avon, Warwickshire B50 4BG

    Telephone: 07879 665 900

    Email: Astwood

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    Tagged with: Housing associations

  • Auditel-Effective Cost Management

    Stand 34

    Auditel-Effective Cost Management

    Many housing organisations are challenged to deliver the same or improved front line services with ever-reducing income and funding. Auditel works with housing clients to help manage and reduce operating costs, releasing extra cash for those vital services and investment. Auditel provides independent procurement expertise in 100+ overhead cost areas, plus significant buying power in the markets and the additional manpower needed to ensure that best value is achieved across all essential overheads. Plus our ongoing management service ensures that actual proven savings are delivered every month, bills are validated and problems resolved.

    Contact details

    Address: 20 Cotswolds Way, Calvert, Buckingham MK18 2FH

    Telephone: 020 3376 3201

    Email: Auditel-Effective Cost Management

    Visit website

    Tagged with: Consultants

  • Azeus Convene

    Stand 65

    Azeus Convene

    Azeus Convene is the leading digital meeting solution ideal for housing associations. Convene offers everything you need to run productive meetings in the platform of your choice without compromising on security. With its intuitive user experience, omni-platform compatibility and simple learning curve, Convene gives housing associations a modern alternative to paper-based meetings.

    Contact details

    Address: Pop Brixton, Unit 42, 49 Brixton Station Road, London SW9 8PQ

    Telephone: 020 8004 5936

    Email: Azeus Convene

    Visit website

    Tagged with: Computers / Software / IT